Laura Theodore's Vegan-Ease



Mother's Day Made Delicious, Ease-y, and Vegan!


Need a delicious, show-stopping menu for Mother’s Day this Sunday? Cucumber and Basil Soup makes a creamy and refreshing starter that will please everyone at your table!


For the main event: I used to love crab cakes and creating a vegan version was high on my “to-do” list. So imagine my happy dance when I came up with Not-So-Crabby Cakes, an authentic tasting adaptation that is so easy to prepare! These cakes make an ideal dish for Mother’s Day, served with a zingy sauce on the side.


For dessert? My rich and chocolaty Deep-Dark, Double-Dark Chocolate Truffle Pudding will WOW your guests with a pudding that tastes so decadent they will not believe it is totally vegan! Silky smooth, thick, rich, and super chocolaty – this is a flawless dessert that is perfect to serve for Mom’s special meal! (Click on the links below to get the recipes!) Happy, Healthy Mother’s Day!



Cucumber and Basil Soup


Not-So-Crabby Cakes


Deep-Dark, Double-Dark Chocolate Truffle Pudding