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Cookbook Trio Giveaway for VEGAN CUISINE MONTH!


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We’re celebrating VEGAN CUISINE MONTH with a jazzylicious cookbook giveaway! 


First up  –  Not sure what to make for dinner? Let Dianne Wenz help! What’s for Dinner? iswritten by the super talented Dianne Wenz. It’s the first in the Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen Favorites e-book series! It features 20 of the most popular dinner recipes from her fabulous blog, and includes some updated of her most-liked recipes. Dianne has included some new favorites too, and every recipe has been re-photographed with lovely photos! She has included some tips on keeping your kitchen well stocked too!


Next up – Anne and Freya Dinshah’s charming book, entitled Apples, Bean Dip, & Carrot Cake! In this enticing cookbook, kids can teach themselves how to cook, make healthy snacks and meals, while learning to
safely use knives, stove, oven, and blender.
Children will get tips for easy cleanup too, while having fun! Learn all about VEGAN CUISINE MONTH on the American Vegan Society website!


And of course! – A signed copy of my new cookbook: Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease! Recommended by VEGAN.COM as one of the very BEST VEGAN COOKBOOKS, this cookbook and guide, brings us full menu plans, shopping lists, and over 130 delicious, quick-and-easy recipes, each complete with nutritional analysis. Enhanced by over 200 full-color photographs, each recipe is ranked with an Ease-Factor to make it easy to choose dishes that fit into any busy schedule. Written for everyone, from the "plant-based curious" to long-time, dedicated vegansLaura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease (An Easy Guide to Enjoying a Plant-Based Diet) includes all you need to know to embrace cost-saving, healthy, and delicious plant-based meals for you and your family. 


Want to enter for a chance to win this wonderful, “Vegan Cuisine” cookbook trio?


To enter, and to be eligible to win, simply fill out the form below by answering the following question in TWO sentences or fewerWhat is your favorite VEGAN CUISINE?


RULES: One entry per person. The contest is open ONLY to those with a US mailing address. Entries must be submitted by TUESDAY, February 9th, 2016 at 2PM est. The winner will be announced at 1PM EST on JAZZY VEGETARIAN RADIO on Wednesday February 10, 2016.


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My favorite vegan cuisine is anything EASY and quick to prepare, that packs a real flavor PUNCH and delivers a nutritional WHAMMY! Laura Theodore knows how to create recipes that fit the bill for this hungry, busy vegan!!
My fav began cuisine is Israeli mezze
I love to try new recipes for the main course, using familiar foods so family will enjoy them. The attractiveness of. Presenting the food is also important to me.
My favorite vegan cuisine is portobello steaks. I just love them as an entrée!
love the ease of all the recipes that's the way I like to cook , with ease I have not made anything yet I didn't like xoxoxox would love to win a cookbook
My fave vegan cuisine is kale salad with homemade orange tahini dressing, and chunks of orange, apple and dried cranberries. I love your "Jazzy Vegetarian" TV show and watch every chance I get-- so refreshing to watch you prepare plant-based recipes that taste delicious.
I am a new vegetarian, and love Mexican vegan food....tacos, nachos, chili. I am also going to be experimenting soon to be able to make the fabulous bolognese sauce I used to make vegan. Thank you ❤️
My favorite depends on the day but comfort foods and mexican foods top the list. Also, anything POTATO!
I like Laura Theodore's easy burrito bake. So easy to put together and is delicious!
Favorite Vegan Cuisine is one that doesn't have a page long of ingredients; and my 'meat-lovers' in family would never notice.
Roasted spaghetti squash is my favorite.
It is so hard to have just 1 favorite vegan dish. However , one of my favorites is the wonderful Walnut-Mushroom Loaf. My husband and friends couldn't believe the dish was vegan.there were no left overs. Yummy!
My favorite vegan meal is beans or peas over brown rice!
Right now I'm having fun with all sorts of pasta dishes using spiralized zucchini but I also enjoy Mexican, Indian, and Moroccan vegan cuisine. And one can never have too much salad.
I love changing my favorite Mexican dishes to vegan. And anything made with Quinoa
Love the apple bean carrot cake and all the salads I only tried a few of the recipes in a book
My favorite vegan cuisines are Japanese and Italian!
A chickpea salad sandwich is one of my favorite things to eat for lunch!
Vegan Mac and cheese with a side of sautéed kale. Yummy!!!!!!
Chickpea triangles with mushroom gravy!
Vegie burgers and anything with hummus!
My favorite vegan food is 3 bean vegan chili and vegan Mac & Cheese!! Ever better the 2nd day!
I love transforming traditional Peruvian dishes to vegan.
First and foremost Japanese cuisine! Very versatile and you can enjoy it at every meal
I love black bean burgers and lentil bean soup. (not together!)
meatless "hamburger" with caramelized onions & all the works!
Whole grain pasta with veggies so I guess the cuisine is Italian! I also suggest Laura's chocolate ganache pudding as a cuisine category - yum!!
My favorite style of vegetarian cusine is Mexican. I love the spices and textures.
I love Chocolate Cake, black bean brownies, heck, all vegan sweets! Split pea soup, 4 or 5 (who's counting) bean chili with cornbread (flaxseed instead of eggs), smashed garbanzo beans with Dijon mustard & dill relish, on sprouted grain bread.
My favorite Vegan Cuisine is something called Tofu Kahn, not sure of the spelling. I lived in Taiwan for a while and this dish is made from a form of 'dry Tofu' and various vegetables lightly flash fried in peanut oil!
My favorite vegan recipes are: my homemade hummus,and surprise pesto (everything green) plus walnuts and blanched almonds.
My favorite is veganized comfort food, especially mac and 'cheese' and shepherd's pie
My favorite vegan cuisine is vegetable chili. I make it at least once a week!
I love veganizing and cleaning up conventional recipes using whole, organic ingredients. I also love referencing Laura's wonderful recipes, especially her awesome TV show! I
Vegan Pizza& French Fries! Now that's A Jazzy Party!
My favorites are black bean soup and anything with cauliflower.
I love watching your show on create. My kids love all the vegan sweet that I made from your show. The favorite vegan cuisine that I love is the vegetable lasagna. all the vegan cuisine are very tasty. I love them all.
My favorite vegan cuisine is Indian. Potatoes vindaloo, chana masala, vegan naan, etc - yum yum :)
My favorite cuisine would have to be anything Italian. Love so many of your recipes, but I must say that a favorite recipe of yours is the Baked Artichokes with Savory Walnut Stuffing.
My vegan favorite is Pepper Gluten with broccoli at our local Vietnamese restaurant. I Love eating and chatting there with my vegan granddaughter.
I love what you do and what you represent, Laura. Thank You! My favorite vegan food (not really cuisine :o)) is home-popped popcorn in coconut oil with lots of nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. Cuisine? Have to be any stir-fry I throw together. I absolutely love my stir-fry. What's not to love?
I love to make vegan entries, I have tried Laura's Not so Crabby Crab cakes, yum! Tonight I made spaghetti with string beans and arugul? Another awesome dish.
I forgot to add my favorite vegan recipe. One of two....vegan chili or vegan potato, kale, leek vegan sausage soup.
I Love your show. I'm a vegetarian and I am still working on vegan cooking with a meat eating family in my home. I save all your TV shows to help me make wonderful alternatives. Thanks for a great giveaway!
My favorite vegan cuisine is my *stinkin delicious pancakes (aka breakfast). As it is with ice cream toppings, I add nutritional ingredients as wanted, topping it off with a vegan don't be a piggy sausage.
We call them road-trip pitas since we use them to avoid unhealthy pit stops on long car rides. Basically a cranberry walnut chicken(less) salad.
Favorite cuisine dish: spinach-tofu stuffed pasta shells with roasted tomato sauce.
Vegan fajitas and tacos.
I love vegan Asian food!
My favorite Vegan Cuisine is Vegan Sloppy Joes, because you can use it in so many ways. You can make a sub/sandwich or use it as a base for spaghetti, chili or a great salad topper!
My favorite vegan cuisine is anything that my husband and I make together. Even if it doesn't taste the best knowing that we made together and are doing a little bit to make the world better by eating vegan cuisine makes my heart swell with hopefulness. :)
I'm obsessed with making my own Asian noodles (ramen) with all sorts of veggies and vegan kimchi right now. I'm also obsessed with jackfruit. I like to make tacos, tortilla soup, empanadas with JF. So I guess my favorites are 2, Latin (empanadas with a side of fresh green salad) and Asian (Ramen with loads of veggies) veganized! Yum I'm hungry... Sorry I have so many favorites...
Vegan mac and cheese
My favorite Vegan Cuisine is mixed salads with lemon or lime juice as dressing. I also like lots of quinoa with toasted nuts and dried fruits mixed in.
My favorite Vegan Cuisine is Vegan Pot Pie!